About Dick Zaal

Dick Zaal Yacht Design is a professional yacht design and consulting company specialized in serving the yacht building industry as well as amateur construction. Dick Zaal's designs are sailing on the international waters since the early sixties and are being build all over the world. Our office is situated on the historic waterfront in Hoorn The Netherlands. Approx. 30 km north of Amsterdam. Construction plans and specifications for both professional and amateur yacht builders, all in accordance to the ISO/CE rulings. Selling stock building plans for yachts, covering an extended range in size as well as in building materials. For existing yachts we can do all kind of modifications, in interior, styling, or improved performance, like rigging, keels or... more


She is a Northern Comfort 44 too!

This time a classic under water body without frills! more

Art in metal

The Atlantic 40MKII is taking shape, parts have to match perfectly. more

Atlantic fills gab in range

A new 40 ft aluminium center boarder is now under construction. more

On the drawing board

Northern Comfort 53

aluminium lifting  Shown are the preliminary plans more

Lady in Red

aluminium short with bulb more